Create Software Restriction Policy with Powershell

Hi all,

I've been reading up about the Cryptlocker malware, and came across an article that explained how you can prevent your PCs becoming infected. It involves setting up a Software Restriction Policy with the following parameters:

Path: %localAppData%\*.exe
Security Level: Disallowed
Description: Don't allow executables from AppData


Path: %localAppData%\*\*.exe
Security Level: Disallowed
Description: Don't allow executables from AppData

I know how to do this manually via editing the Local Security Policy on a machine, however I have 120 machines (all Win7) to update in various locations.

So I was wondering whether anyone knew of a way to set up the above policy using a powershell script? If so, I could roll the script out to the PCs with Windows Intune, which would be a massive time saver.

Much appreciated,
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Does your win7 edition support applocker (the better SRPol)? Applocker can be controlled by powershell. Appl. is available with ultimate and enterprise.
adriaanvwAuthor Commented:
Yes, we use Win7 Enterprise. However I would prefer to use the method described if at all possible...
I would definitely advise you to use applocker. It is the same as softw. restriction policy, only better and powershell can be used.

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I realise this is an old Thread. But Applocker only works on Windows 7 Ent not pro
Therefore SRP are the only option unless you have ent windows
Is there any way of making SRP work via powershell or the Command line?
Hi rampant.

Please open up a new thread. And when you do, please specify why you wouldn't use local or domain GPOs to manage SRPs.
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