VPN site to site limitation


In terms of bandwidth utilization, is there a limitation for site to site VPN?
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the only limitation is going to be whatever your plan through your provider is limited to.  so if you have 100 down and 5 up on one side and 30 down and 3 up on the other then you'll be limited to 3 in all directions between the two.  the other limitiation is what your device is capable of, if you're using a firewall to establish the vpn then whatever that device is capable of (which is usually higher than the provider unless you have some high dollar dedicated fiber or something).

traffic on local lans can also affect your throughput but most newer lans are gigabit over copper which can handle significantly higher traffic than wan connections assuming all network hardware is capable of gigabit.

remember vpn tunnels through the internet so traffic along hops along the way can affect your connection also.  if your locations are close to each other and using the same provider then you'll more than likely traverse through there back bone and won't ever get routed through other hops but if you're going across the country or international then could bottle necks along the way.

i have a few site to site connections locally (within a few miles) and have ping times in the teens, also have wireless connections between buildings which is a much nicer option if your able to because it is under your control and much faster than vpn.

maybe you would want to elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish with some detail to see what the best approach with your topology would be

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