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I run macro's that along with clearing a large amount of data from cells it also copies and pastes a large amount of data from one spreadsheet into another spreadsheet where the data was just cleared.  I know that when you are doing this manually that you would be able to use undo and reverse many of these actions.  It seems to slow the execution of the macro's down.  Is there a way to disable the undo/redo function at the beginning of the macro execution and then starting it back up in order to speed up the performance?  

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Macros do not support undo unless you code them to support it (which is rare.)

If you are having performance issues, I've found it's often because the macro recorder is not optimal in how it handles things and by learning a few techniques, you can improve performance tremendously.
For example, I recorded a macro yesterday to highlight even numbered rows from 2 to 1000 (well, I tweaked it to go through a loop) and it took about 2 seconds.
I optimized it to not do a ".Select" each time and to directly highlight the rows and I was able to get to row 5000 in about 1/2 second so that would be about a 20x speed improvement just by replacing two lines of code (and understanding where the slowdown was occurring and what some alternatives were.
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