Pictures Not Showing In Email

For some reason when I try to open a picture that is embedded in email, it will not open. How can I open the picture?
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Ok sorry it took me so long to reply.  It looks like it's a mixed content issue.

Go to
1. Tools
2. Internet options
3. Security
4. Internet
5. Custom Level
6. Go down about 28 levels to "Display Mixed Content"
7. Put a click in the enable box.
8. Log off of Gmail then log back on

The above was taken from This site.
You don't state which email program your using.

Is it web based (i.e. you go to a website through a browser to check your email)
Is it Outlook/Windows Live Mail/Outlook Express/Thunderbird/etc?

Have you looked closely at the top.  A lot of times it will say something to the effect: Outlook has blocked images for safety click here to download images.

Click there and tell it to download the image.
Big__AlAuthor Commented:
It is gmail.
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