ASP.NET C# Dynamic DropDown not loading

I have a drop down list that I have to make dynamic.  It is using a home grown Entity framework 4 to retrieve the data.  I have everything else loading like email, phone number etc..  It is the drop-down that isn't showing the name from a table in the database.  I will attach the aspx page and the code behind so you can see what I am talking about. The drop down that isn't work is the first one ddlName.  The other drop downs are fine. Thanks for any help.
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I read your code

You need to provide a datasource for ddlName

ddlName.Datasource ="MydataSource"

I don't see this in your code.
tonymm73Author Commented:
I see what you mean but this is where my problem is.  If I was going to a SQL database or Entity Framework I would know what to do.  The problem is I have to grab everything from methods in a page called RequestTracker.cs  The RequestTracker.cs page goes to entity RequestTracker.edmx.  I can't change this because the rest of the application uses this.   So I am getting the names from a Method that are in the RequestTracker.cs.  This is my first post and I am not sure if I can post those pages as well.  I will try after this reply.  I appreciate the help.

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So use or create a method in  RequestTracker.cs that returns a Dataset and use it to bind your drop down to.
tonymm73Author Commented:
You were right I din't have this coded correctly. ddlName.Datasource ="MydataSource"
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