AD Domain Policy still applied to a server removed from a AD Domain

If a server was once joined to an Active Directory Domain and had certain policies applied and then removed from the domain--are all policies reverted back to default, or simply removed as well as, is it possible for these settings to remain on the server once it gets removed and re-booted?  The reason I ask is, I have an application in which it has been recommended by the manufacturer to first remove it from a domain if an upgrade is needed to eliminate the chance of AD GPOs impacting the upgrade process.  But, I get people who state after removing the server, it still has problems and must still have policies applied. Is this possible?  I know it may depend on what was applied in these GPOs such as registry settings etc. but can a server be impacted after it removed from the domain?  I have ran gpresults after removal and it states no policies applied as well.  Thanks!
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:

When moved to block inheritance OU, doing a gpupdate /force will reset all the settings back to Not Configured.
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Yes those settings will stick until you moved it out of the policy then do an update.  This way it reverts all settings back to not configued.
Mike KlineCommented:
There are some settings that will be "tatooed" so even after the policy is removed the actions will not be reverted.  More on that here


ehouser_paralleltechAuthor Commented:
So, to confirm what you are saying, the proper removal process is to move the server to an OU which blocks inheritance, update the gp settings (gpupdate /force), remove the server from AD and reboot?  Otherwise, if the server was just dis-joined from the domain through the regular process, all the settings from any GPOs previously used will still remain?  Thanks!
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