Access Query: Sort by name, then amount, then top 3 amount values


I have built a query to extract information from several reports. The information is appended to several columns. Ultimately, I want to sort by the name and then amount, revealing the top 3 amounts per name and hiding the rest.

My query sorts by name then amount, but I am unsure of the third step. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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Dale FyeCommented:
one way is to do something like this, where you join the query to itself on Name and Amount then count the number of records in the 2nd query that are >= the current amount.

Something like:

SELECT q1.Name, q1.Amount, Count(q2.Amount) as Rank
FROM yourQuery Q1
LEFT JOIN yourQuery Q2
ON Q1.Name = Q2.Name and Q1.Amount <= Q2.Amount
Group by Q1.Name, Q1.Amount
ORDER BY Q1.Name, Q1.Amount Desc
Having Count(q2.Amount) <= 3
Phil_ConsultantAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your help. I'll be honest, I didn't fully understand your solution nor could I achieve the desired result with that method. However, I decided to go the "newb" route and build additional queries to sort the information then display only 3 each prior to appending to the main report. Ultimately, I'm getting the desired output with more queries than I probably should have. Thanks for your answer!

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Dale FyeCommented:
Would be glad to help you understand what I was trying to accomplish, if you would like.  Since you didn't use my solution there is no need to award me points.

The fact that you achieved your results using another method is sufficient to accept your own post as the solution.  If you would like those points back, just click the "request attention" hyperlink at the lower left corner of your original post and indicate what you want to do.
Phil_ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I was unable to obtain the output per the other users solution, however I believe he was on the right track or I could have misinterpreted the answer.
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