Server 2012 and Business Continuity

I have several customers that want a 24/7 up time or as close to that as possible. I have been looking into Hyper v and fail over with physical servers. I wanted to know if having a fail over with physical servers is more beneficial that having a fail over with hyper v servers. Maybe even having a fail over with 2 physical servers running hyper v.

Would it be possible to replicate a physical box to a virtual server? Would you need to have that virtual server setup with an image of the physical server before you start replication?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to study up on the setup and implementation of doing that type of setup.

I also wanted your opinion on citrix server vs. terminal services server for a thin client setup. I was thinking that sticking to the MS side would make any licensing easier as you can ask one department and get all your answers as opposed to dealing with 2 companies. If there is any advantages to picking one over the other? I appreciate any help and insight thank you.
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BudDurlandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We accomplished 24x7 uptime with VMWare.  We virtualized all the boxes using a SAN and configured the High Availability.  If one VM host fails, the other automatically picks up the virtual machines from the failed host.  I don't have any experience with HyperV, but would expect it to have similar functionality.

Using the SAN to store VM images (instead of local storage) is a key part of this strategy.
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