Loop or Advance Filter - Save to new workbook - BUG


I received this code from a previous question and it worked perfect for another project.

I started a new project today and it only pulls the first value, exits the loop and then I get an error when it tries to save over the same file. I have checked the formatting of the column (2) I am using for the unique values and it is the same. In stepping through the code and  looking at the variables, I don't see where it is not finding the entire table to pull the  records.

I attached the sample workbook to help with my question. The 2nd Row, 2nd Column has a value of "E30A" . The code should look down to the last row and then copy all "E30A" rows to a new workbook (I think it actually deletes the other rows). This  way I end up with a workbook for each unique value in the 2nd column.

I just used this code for another project and it worked perfect.

Thanks for any help, Brent
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NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:

Did the other project have the same no of columns, same start row etc?

By the way, is the data meant to be split based on the values in a specific column?

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bvanscoy678Author Commented:
No, they were different. But, I changed the column and row via  the message box.

Yes, the value is meant to be split by the values in the 2nd column.

bvanscoy678Author Commented:
Once I adjusted the columns, start row and made it all the same, the code worked!

Thanks for the suggestion! Brent
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