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We have an older HP Laserjet 4 that is now "chopping"  off about 3 characters of each line on the left side of page.    I have ran out of ideas..    We are on Windows XP---Soon to be Windows 7.  This is a network enviornment and we have 32bit and 64bit drivers.  Here is what I have tried:

Changed the settings on printer menu to lesser characters per line.  
Went to printer preferences....  Changed margins
Tried a different driver.  Using PCL5 and tried PCL6
Actual paper tray doesnt have adjustments so couldnt do anything there.

The ONLY thing different is I had to install a new fuser and that is about the time ?????  that this started.

Other ideas appreciated.
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Obvious question, I suppose...

Are you certain that the new fuser is correctly installed? No bits of packaging or tape still stuck to one end of it?

When you say the paper tray has no adjustments, do you mean in regard to the size of paper it will accept? What about sensors in the body of the printer itself?
I had a user once who was forever having printing problems, and it turned out that she had no concept of closing a paper drawer - she would slam it shut so hard that the entire print station would rock from the impact, and the pegs on the drawer that operated the paper size sensors would move a bit more... A little education solved the problem in a trice.
With the left side being "chopped", it is probably unlikely to be anything to do with the drivers.

With some printers, you can make X- and Y-image-registration adjustments, via the front panel menus (or Embedded Web Server or Toolbox equivalent).
I suspect that the LaserJet 4 predates the introduction of such adjustment mechanisms, but it might be worth checking.

You could make use of the Print Area tool in the PCL Paraphernalia application (available via ), to check the printable area for PCL5 and PCL6 personalities on the printer.

The tool generates a vanilla PCL5 or PCL6 (as appropriate) print job (see sample output and sends it to the target IP-address (or to a file for manual copying to the printer port).

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bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
Well, it NEVER hurts to double check the install of the fuser.  May not get to it today but will certainly look

Paper tray.....No adjustments.   Only letter size paper.   No way to "adjust" how it lays in the tray.

Where are the sensors in the body of the printer that you mentioned
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As your tray is one size only, the paper size sensor idea is probably a red herring, especially as the tray has never troubled you before.
Try printing an internal test page to see if that also misses the left-hand side. If it does it definitely is the printer rather than the driver.

Another possibility is that there is some piece of paper stuck in front of the laser window. Remove the toner cartridge and look into its slot. The laser window faces the drum that's in the cartridge. Just in case, also check the drum in the cartridge.
bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
Tried all of the above and still printing and cutting off 2-3 characters on the left
Try printing an internal test page to see if that also misses the left-hand side.
DOes it cut off the test page as well?
... and what does the output from the Print Area tool in the PCL Paraphernalia application show? Part of the output is several lines of fixed-pitch, numbered, characters.
bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
Found a setting that let me change the page setup.   Man, old printer......   Would have thought it was easier.

Appreciate all the troubleshooting tips so awarded points accordingly.
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