Javascript Calculation and write back to a dynamic text box

I have a form that I need to do a calculation on and then write back to square footage to the Square Footage Text. The form may have 1 row of items, or it could have 12 different rows that the user can input.

Now the code below works fine, does everything that I want it to do and everything works in IE. Firefox has one issue. Everything works fine, but I can not get it to write back to the Square Footage Text Box.

So this is the line that is bombing in FireFox (works in IE):
document.getElementById(vtheSQFootageField).value = (eval("document.form." + vtheWidthField + ".value;") - 0) * (eval("document.form." + vtheLengthField + ".value;") - 0);

And this portion is what is not working in Firefox: document.getElementById(vtheSQFootageField).value

Below is the entire code:

<script type="text/javascript">
	function CalcAreaSqFootage(theWidthField, theLengthField, theSQFootageField) {
		var vtheWidthField = theWidthField;
		var vtheLengthField = theLengthField;
		var vtheSQFootageField = theSQFootageField;

		// document.form.SQFootage_3.value = (eval("document.form." + vtheWidthField + ".value;") - 0) * (eval("document.form." + vtheLengthField + ".value;") - 0);
		document.getElementById(vtheSQFootageField).value = (eval("document.form." + vtheWidthField + ".value;") - 0) * (eval("document.form." + vtheLengthField + ".value;") - 0);

	<form name="form" >
		Enter a number:
		<input name="Width_1" onChange="CalcAreaSqFootage('Width_1', 'Length_2', 'SQFootage_3')" />
		and another number:
		<input name="Length_2" onChange="CalcAreaSqFootage('Width_1', 'Length_2', 'SQFootage_3')" />
		Their Sq Footage is:</th> <td><input name="SQFootage_3" value="0">

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document.getElementById("vtheSQFootageField").value = (eval("document.form." + vtheWidthField + ".value;") - 0) * (eval("document.form." + vtheLengthField + ".value;") - 0);

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cj_ervinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply, I tried that before and I did it again just now and that does not work in IE or Firefox. Thanks
cj_ervinAuthor Commented:
I figured it out, the Javascript I posted above was correct, it was the HTML. Firefox needed the ID in the form field.

So I changed this line to <input name="SQFootage_3" ID="SQFootage_3"value="0">

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What dimmergeek says is correct, since the document.getElementById statement needs brackets for its argument. But I think that you may have committed 2 other mistakes:
1. the document.form action seems not used properly (see
2. the eval function should be used better only once (es. eval("....(complete code)....") and not twice or more that once, at my advice.
cj_ervinAuthor Commented:
I figured out what the issue was. It was just a small issue, but once fixed, worked like a champ
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