Move drive enclosure to another server

I have an HP Proliant G5 server with a drive enclosure that I would like to move to another G5. The G5s seem to have 2 ways to install an enclosure, one vertical, one horizontal. My donor server has the enclosure horizontal but the recepient has the open space that is vertical. Is this move possible?
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Assuming DL380 then I think you'll find one of them is a G6, although it may be possible to put a DL380 G5 disk enclosure into a DL380 G6 it's not supported. May be a different server as you've given generation but not model no.
Last Proliant I tried this on did not work.  The cages were entirely different size.  But I have not tried the same on a G5.

If the cage will physically fit, there is nothing else that would prevent your putting the cage in.  Honestly, I would suggest popping the servers open and looking at the physical setup to see if your rails / tabs will engage properly.

And, of course, remember that you can get different types of disks for the G5.  It is possible that your doner system is set up for a different drive type (thus entirely different drive enclosure).  You should verify that the drive controller in each system are the same.

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LarryDAHAuthor Commented:
Never done it but can't I move the controller along with the enclosure over to the new system also if it fits?
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