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Lets say I have a client sending q Queue message to a App Server, waits for a reply, and then the client writes to a DB.

I 1> assume that XA would could be used on the client to encapsule the send to the queue and then the DB

2>  I assume that the app server could use XA to coordinate any resources contained within its java code

but my real question is:

3>  Can you use XA to span a TX that starts in the client (Sending a message to a queue), and that TX actually spans to the app server code that may write to yet another DB.

In other words can XA coordinate a TX that spans more than a single machine (each with its own code)  ?   I would assume nto, but I am not sure.

Los Angeles1Asked:
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girionisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can. Even if the components are on different JVMs you still can. Do a search on google about JTA and JTS.
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