Java, JMS, and XA

I need an example of how to use XA, but NOT within an app server, but within a samll  app.

So I do not need JTA, EJB, etc.

Can some one please provide a link to an XA java plus JMS example of how to use XA ?

Los Angeles1Asked:
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mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
So I do not need JTA, EJB, etc.
EJB is not necessary but JTA is, if you want XA transactions. I don't know of any XA implementations on Java that aren't built on top of JTA.

To be able to provide any sort of meaningful example, you will need to provide more information...

What JTA/XA implementation do you want to use? I am assuming that you don't know from what you said above. Normally, it is the app server that provides this implementation but if you require it from a standalone app, you need to provide a separate implementation. There are a number of options, Atomikos, JbossTS, Bitronix, JOTM, SimpleJTA. I have no experience with any of them, so I can't recommend any one of the other but I would probably investigate them in the order that I gave above. There may be others to be found by googling for "standalone jta implementations".

What JMS provider are you using? eg. ActiveMQ, etc. Are they XA-compliant? (I know that ActiveMQ is at least partially compliant)

What are the other resources that are participating in the XA transaction, eg. databases, other JMS providers, etc? And tell us the specifics of those resources, ie. if databases are involved, what databases, eg. Oracle, etc.

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