XenServer 6.2 / CentOS LVM2 package downgrade

Kordel Eberly
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Hey friends,
I got myself into a bind last week.

We prepped and deployed a new Dell PowerEdge running XenServer 6.2 (software built up and tested in-house).

Per our standard process, we added Dell's OMSA packages, and during that process, used Yum to update dependencies and make sure packages are up to date (as we have done on a dozen other systems - previously on 6.0 or 6.1), and as part of that, enabled access to the CentOS base repository.

Unfortunately, I was sloppy (and a little naive) and didn't notice an LVM2 package update that got added by Yum.

The included base XenServer LVM2 package (near as I can tell) was lvm2-2.02.84-6.xs1033.src.rpm
The Yum update pulled a CentOS package, and the server is now running

The bugger is that the XenServer/XCP package had specific add in features to integrate with Snapshotting and other features in XenServer. Now I've broken those features.

I'm aware that I may be best off scrapping the product and doing a fresh install. I only have one running VM on the system, and while it's partially ramped up, it's not "full production" - I COULD export it, rebuild quickly and re-import.
However, I'm hopeful for a solution that does NOT require an onsite trip or that much time.

Any ideas?
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yum has quite a number tools to undo such things. First find the upgrade  transaction in question:
yum history list
yum history info <transaction id>
yum history undo <transaction id>

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If you haven't installed too many packages in that particular transaction, this mostly works.

You might want to have a look at yum-versionlock plugin to prevent future updates of required package versions:


Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but "yum history list" is not recognized by this version of Yum (yum-3.2.22-40.el5.cento) - it just fails and displays all "valid" commands and options.

I'm definitely not a Linux pro, so maybe I'm making an amateur mistake or overlooking something?

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For some reason I assumed CentOS6 (maybe because the 6.2 in your title) - sorry.
You can still run yum downgrade:
yum downgrade lvm2-<your needed full version here>

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Be aware: The depsolver will not necessarily work, but if you specify all the packages it should work (and thus. all the simple cases will work). downgrade operates on groups, files, provides and filelists just like the "install" command.

If you need a special version witch came with Xen:
yum downgrade /path/to/local/lvm2.rpm

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If this is not working for you, downgrade to an earlier version of your lvm2 package in base and do then run yum localupdate:
yum localupdate /path/to/local/lvm2.rpm

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Please read:


YES!!! Thank you!!

This was a huge headache for several weeks. Using your instructions, combined with some other help (I realized I only had a source RPM - had to compile it first), I was able to get the correct XenServer-specific LVM2 package installed, and I just completed a successful snapshot with the new package.

Huge thanks! Kudos!


I'm sure relatively simple instructions for an experienced Linux admin, but a lifesaver to me! Very clear and straightforward instructions and examples - thank you!

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