New page won't open in SharePoint Designer

I created a page for a link off the Home page of our site and it keeps showing up under Libraries -> SitePages but when I have the page open and try to open it in SharePoint Designer I keep getting:

1.  An Open Document dialog box
2.  The specified file 'SitePages/FormsTemplatesLogos.aspx' does not exist or is currently inaccessible.

I can't access the page navigating through SharePoint Designer.  It's not listed when I go to Site Pages.  I need to edit it in Designer so I can delete the second column so my page has a header and a body area (when I put EasyTabs in I want the title over the tabs not inside each of the tabs).

I think this might be because I didn't go into a sub site so I'm a bit confused.  I assumed there was a Home site and you could create pages there and sub sites for topics that required several pages and lists and such.  Sort of like a subfolder container in the main container that could still have pages in it.  

Any ideas or suggestions on how I should have gone about creating a page would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Rainer JeschorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just a guess but have you checked-in / published / approved the page?
If you have some kind of publishing or approval workflow this might happen.
Is this Sharepoint foundation 2010 or Sharepoint server 2010?
Which page template did you use?
Thanks and HTH
HSI_guelphAuthor Commented:
No we don't have any content types or authorizations in place but I think it was creating it and burying it since I didn't want it showing on the quick launch navigation bar on the left.
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