There is a problem with this website's security certificate.

Greetings all,

I am having an issue with end users connecting to a website via HTTPS.  The users log in via Remote Desktop and are provided a shortcut to the website.  They open up the shortcut and connect using HTTPS.

When users first connect to the site they get the "...problem with this website's security certificate..." message.

This is fine as it is an internal webserver/app so end users simply click on "Continue to this website (not recommended)"  This is all good but with other internal systems I have been able to install the certificate, move it to "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities" for the Local system.

After that, end users are usually never prompted by the problem with certificate notification.  For some reason, on this server it doesn't seem to stick.  Is there a policy somewhere I need to change that allows end users to pick up certificates in the Trusted section for the local system?
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Is this a self-signed certificate? If so then it cannot be a 'trusted authority'.

If you purchased the certificate, then check that the domain on the certificate matches your actual FQDN.
yccdadminsAuthor Commented:
Hey ecarbone - thanks for responding.  I think I figured out why the cert will not install.  All of our other certificates were issued by the server being connected to.  So when the go to verify the connecting system can find them - they are internal.

This particular certificate was issued by Comodo.  The system I'm adding it to has no access to the Internet so the issure can't be verified.

Server is a DMZ system so we can't give it access to the Internet.

This is my leading theory now.  Does that make sense?
yccdadminsAuthor Commented:
This issue was resolved by Comodo support.  The server is a DMZ system and is unable to go out to the Internet to validate the certificate issue - Comodo.

Solution was to install an intermediate certificate and a high assurance secure server CA certificate - both downloaded from the Comodo support website.

Once the certificates were installed the error message did not return.

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yccdadminsAuthor Commented:
I contacted Comodo Support.  They directed me to a location buried on their website that had the additional certificates I needed on a system with no Internet access.
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