Onblur problem with combobox

I have a vb.net web program using onblur for field validations and it works fine on text box.  But combo box seems to ignore it.  Is there some otherway to do onblur on combobox?
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try onchange()
CPOINT2000Author Commented:
onchange did not work.  my code is below.  function validvalueALFNUM works perfectly fine for textbox onblur event.

<asp:ComboBox ID="orgcategory" onchange="validvalueALFNUM(this, 'Business Category', 1, 25, 0, 1)" runat="server" AutoCompleteMode="Suggest"
CssClass="regInput" MaxLength="25" RenderMode="Block" TabIndex="11"
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CPOINT2000Author Commented:
Thanks, I had read the above.  I searched all over the net also so far have not found a simple solution.  I was hoping there was a simpler solution then wring an entire section to do a onblur on a combo box.
An Ajax combo, as opposed to a drop-down list, is really a combination of two controls, as mentioned in one of those links I suggested.  it's tricky binding events to it.  Look on the bright side - you can create that code once, encapsulate it and use it or all your combo boxes.

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CPOINT2000Author Commented:
Thanks.  I placed the following code under page load (vb code) using my own variable and it worked;

Dim txtStartTime As TextBox
txtStartTime = cbxStartTime.FindControl("cbxStartTime_TextBox")
If txtStartTime IsNot Nothing Then
    txtStartTime.Attributes.Add("onBlur", "javascript:Set_EndDateTime(null, this);")
End If

Is that where I should keep it (under If Not IsPostBack Then)?
and I have several other dropdown boxes, so I would need one of these for each basically?
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