Keyboard no longer recognized, maybe due to virus

I am hoping there is a solution for this!

Computer is at my workplace so I don't know a lot of the details except that it is running XP. It is unfortunately a computer that everyone has access to and some visit questionable websites. Appeared to have a virus (multiple websites would open spontaneously on startup, several instances of ekepadt.exe process running that coincided with those windows, all of the websites had flash movies that would just hang, taskbars would disappear and website window would be be full screen so I would have to hit the windows button to get taskbar to appear, unable to open any browser). I ran malwarebytes on it yesterday and removed several trojans (sorry, not able to access the report because I can't log in to  the computer) . Afterwards, I was able to open browsers, but the rogue websites were still opening.  Today I decided to run the Norton AV on the system, but the rogue website windows kept opening, I'd have to hit the windows button to see where I was in the AV process, and then the keyboard just stopped working. Mouse works fine.  I did a hard reboot, and keyboard light flashed and then went out, and keyboard was not functioning. Can't get into BIOS because keyboard doesn't work, so hitting any of the keys is pointless (I tried them already - delete, the F keys, etc). Windows boots normally, and then reaches the login screen, but since I can't do the ctrl alt delete to login, I can't get past that. I tried a different known working keyboard (the first was a ps/2 keyboard, second was a USB wired keyboard) with the same results.

I am stumped on how to access anything without the keyboard. If there is a solution so we can avoid trashing the computer, I'd be most appreciative!
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ambri5hConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you considered downloading something like Dameware, as a trial and then remoting to the PC's name/IP - that way you can let Dameware send a control+alt+del to the machine for you...

Alternatively you can run an MSTSC command from another machine and then punch in that machines IP address/hostname and then login that way as well - so you'd effectively be controlling the machine from another machine... if you need the keyboard shortcut for Ctrl+Alt+Del - its Control Alt End.

What do you think? I don't know your companies policy on security so hence the asking...
You can use the virtual keyboard i believe by going to Start > Run and typing in OSK.exe and press Ok.

That will allow you some functionality at least so you can try and get your data off the machine and get it rebuilt.
Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With no keyboard function, the previous suggestion will not help:
"Start > Run and typing in OSK.exe and press Ok."

Activate the virtual On-Screen Keyboard with your mouse.
Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Accessibility –> On-Screen Keyboard

You could remove the HDD and scan / remove viruses and malware (also recover your data) by connecting it to another PC.
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robinski3Author Commented:
I can't get to the desktop for Start because I can't log in.  The first windows screen I have is the log in, which requires ctrl-alt-del ability, which I don't have.  

I might go ahead and remove HDD and scan/clean it that way, if no other solution is possible.  I used to do that all the time, didn't think of it this time!
Check all the PCs hardware with the diagnosis tools on UBCD
robinski3Author Commented:
Don't know the PC's name/ID/IP so I can't remotely control. We do have IT company that we use that can, but they are usually not very helpful (sorry IT peeps!) but I will probably end up calling them on Monday if removing the HDD and scanning over the weekend doesn't fix it.

And, can't use the UBCD because they've disabled the CD drives!

Thanks for the suggestions, though!
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