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Hi guys,

I am looking for a way to have SCCM 2007 be able to create machines based on domain. Its not as straightforward as my initial statement suggests.

I have 2 Domains, which are:

Alpha is UK and Beta is US based
Alpha has its own software and Beta also
What I want to is to know how to create a task sequence that allows machines to be built in Alpha, and Beta but also have a Beta machine created in the Alpha domain.

The reason for this is because our Beta sites are limited, and therefore that would mean we can only build Beta machines at the Beta site, and not in Alpha. The Alpha and Beta domains have separate license keys and software i.e. one has McAfee and the other Symantec. We've been looking into this and were looking to figure out a way to do it:

Initially we thought about applying conditions to the Task Sequence in SCCM; that use the TS_DOM_Name variable, but that is proving a headache based on the number of software we need to configure this for.

We next thought about using a Collection that contains a variable and then apply a condition in the task sequence that looks for that variable in PCs. This would only work if the machine is placed in that collection.

What else could we use - I'm not too hot on scripting but thought of that as another option but don't have any coding skills as such.

Any help would be appreciated...
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Personally I would combine the two methods you've already suggested. A variable on the collection is the main filter if you will, and then using a variable with the TS just fine-tunes the delivery.

For example I had a business with sites all over the world. They had their own child sites but the bulk of control was by collections. Germany had a collection for Germanic states. On top of that we use a task-sequence to install Office with the correct language pack by using a variable to alter the command line using conditions.

if country code=Germany
    use German.xml
if country code=France
    use French.xml

With collections, you also tie them in with OUs. So a business unit in Berlin is captured by a query in the German collection. This automates pulling in the regular German machines and any exceptions (new kit) can be added as direct members if you're doing an OS deployment, which then adds the machines to the domain and moves the object to the OU later.

I wouldn't try scripting. It won't gain anything over the variables and I'm no stranger to scripting - enough that I enjoy it!

hope that helps,



Thanks guys, I'll try the above and report back my findings.

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