alerts on interlinked sharepoint folders / discussion list

We are trying to use Sharepoint for bug tracking. So I am given access to a page where the I could find the list of bugs that belongs to the application, beleive it is organised as a list of discussion threads. The name field in the discussion list is used to identify the bugs e.g. BUG001.

We also have a folder under which we have subfolders named after the individual bugs where we store the related documents. The names of the subfolders correspond to the bugs e.g. BUG001 is the sub-folder created under the common folder to store documents related to the bug created and named as BUG001 discussion list.

I was able to create a new view of the discussion list by filtering on the ones that are assigned (using the assigned filed) to me. Also, I was able to create an alert that notifies me via email when someone posts on one of those bugs. Only annoyance is I get an email alert even for my own posts. How do I prevent this?

Also, is it possible to create an alert on the folders list but ONLY when the contents of the folder that has a name as a bug that is assigned to me? If so how?

ol muserTechnology GeneralistAsked:
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
which SharePoint version and edition?

Out-of-the-box alerts are associated with lists and libraries, not to a specific folder/subfolder within that list/library.

Second you can configure the alert to be only sent if "Someone else changes a document / item" - then you would not get alerts for your changes (and changes can be configured to be add, edit and/or delete).

So the first part of your question is possible with the standard feature - but the second one not.


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