DPM 2012

In attachment "Disk1", is "Disk space allocated" equal to the amount of disk space used for backing up FS01 ?

In attachment "Disk2", what is the meaning for

Replica volume: 1,281.77GB allocated, 922.09GB used | recovery point volumne : 154.70Gb, 23.4 GB used ?

In attachment "Disk 3", why there is 29% unallocated ? Does it mean the backup disk left 29% of unallocated space. Can I use append this size to the backup disk and use it for backup ?

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Norm DickinsonGuruCommented:
Disk1.png: Disk Space Allocated is how much room is being taken up for this. Backing up will vary if compression is used by the makeup of the files. Text files compress to a great extent but pictures or binaries do not. So this is really the maximum amount of space that would be used for backup.
Disk2.png: The difference between the allocated and the used is from the compression which has been achieved for this data. The recovery point allocation is how much room is available for recovery points and the 23.4 GB is how much room is being used.
Disk3.png: The unallocated space should be available for use in additional to what you are already using - however, the Disk1.png shows that the disk space allocation is set to grow automatically - so you may want to leave this alone and treat it as room to grow that disk.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
For Disk2.png - What's the different betwen  Replica volume: 1,281.77GB allocated and recovery point volumne : 154.70Gb ?  Does 1281.77GB is the amount of data need to be backup ? Why the recovery point volume is much smaller than that size ?

For Disk3.png - Does I need to do anything in order for DPM to use the unallocated space ?
Norm DickinsonGuruCommented:
Disk2.png: No, those are two separate areas. Replica volume is for data while Recovery Point volume is for storing Recovery Points - kind of like System Restore Points.
Disk3.png: If you leave everything as it is, the unallocated space will be used as needed for FS01Data - as seen in Disk1.png where it is set to grow automatically. This is the space it will grow into as demand increases. You need to have some unallocated space available or it will have no place to grow - otherwise set it not to grow automatically and allocate the space for something else. Alternatively you could use some of the unallocated space for something else, which would reduce the amount of room available to grow automatically.

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