What to do with unsupported modules drupal 7

Dear experts,

I am facing a dilemma with my site. Me and my partner are building a social networking site using Drupal commons. Today when I was doing a site update, I discovered that there are like 10 unsupported commons drupal modules, like this one  https://drupal.org/project/commons_user_profile_pages . It says that this project has been merged into the main Drupal Commons repository...
So, should I be concerned? we are like 70% done with the site and I am not sure if I should keep using drupal commons or just trust that they will keep those modules into their repository every time they make an update. We need to launch this site at the beginning of December so I am not pretty sure we have the time to build a social website using just Drupal core 7 plus the required social site modules.

I would appreciate any advance, I feel like having a headache anytime soon.

thanks in advance,

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Aaron FeledyConnect With a Mentor Drupal Developer and ConsultantCommented:
Once a module is merged with a Drupal Distribution codebase, it become part of that distribution. This means the Drupal commons maintainers have likely taken over development of the module and therefore it won't be maintained separately anymore. Basically, you have nothing to worry about.
glepizaAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much experts, that is all I wanted to know. I was thinking I had to move from Drupal commons to Drupal Core and start from scratch my social networking site.

Thank you again,

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