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Hello Experts,

I have inherited a small network. Computers are networked for the sole reason of getting on the Internet. They are not using any other network resources. The Internet connection is very slow. One computer needs to be connected at all times but the others should be disconnected periodically to save bandwidth for priority business.

I am building a firewall solution for this but would like a simple (hardware) solution in the meantime.

I know I could do this by adding another network switch at the central hub and only routing network cables from the new switch to the computers I want removed from the Internet (Pull the cable to the new switch when I want the designated computers to NOT see the Internet).

This is kind of clumsy. Does anyone know of a more elegant solution to achieve these results?

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Andrej PirmanCommented:
Most of the routers have an option to restrict internet access with time schedule. You can simply add one of such routers on LAN side of existing router, then connect those not-important computers on LAN side of this new router.
Then restrict internet access for them using scheduler on this new router.

If you buy some better router (talking in range of 100-250 EUR), it might have also an option to create multiple LAN VLANS, and restrict internet access on per-VLAN base, so you do not need to employ 2 routers.

...or there is also an option, for example, if you have some DD-WRT cheap linksys, to create a script on your computer with Firewall commands to open/close internet access for the rest of LAN computers on a schedule. Scheduler would be run from your computer, triggering this script and updating firewall rules, for example, twice a day.

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Mohammed RahmanCommented:
How many computers that we have on network that doesn't require internet all the time?

Does all computers need to be kept away from internet at once? OR are they disconnected at random (based on requirement)?

Are these to be disconnected from internet at specific times (on daily basis) OR does the "No Internet" time keep varying?

What is the make and model of switch and router that you already have? What Operating System does the computers run?

You can probably schedule LAN enable / disable within windows through scheduler (task scheduler) OR any freely available third party software and not need specialized hardware to accomplish this task.

You can define time window in scheduler/3rd party software and force Windows to enable/disable LAN CARD (NIC) at specific pre defined intervals. This will probably accomplish your task with no additional cost :)

Hope this helps...!!
SaxitalisAuthor Commented:
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