Virtual Win 2012 scenario with one host and two guest OS

I am planning the following scenario: one physical machine, quad core, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB HD, one Win 2012 host with Hyper-V and Backup, two guest OS, one for the DC and the other one for Exchange.  The client has 10 workstations, 12 users and about 100 GB of data.
Q1 - Will my Win 2012 Standard license cover 1 host + 2 guests (3 licenses)
Q2 - The Backup installed on the host backs up what and how to make sure all 3 machines are fully backed up on one external 1 TB if possible.
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Svet PaperovConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Q1: No, you don’t as well as you install Hyper-V role on the physical server. Please consult the examples in the Licensing Datasheet bellow. If you have purchased a Standard edition you can activate one physical server; add the Hyper-V role and activate two more virtual machines. For next two virtual machines you need another key. On the other hand, if you add another role to the physical server, you cannot use the key to activate virtual machines.

Q2: Using Windows Server Backup on the physical host you can back up the whole virtual machines. However, if you want more granular restore you need to back up the individual virtual machines.

This is especially true for a DC – Microsoft recommends backing up the DC separately even if it a VM.

For Exchange server you could consider backing up from inside of the server so you could granularly restore mailboxes. BackupAssist is a good not expensive solution supporting individual mailbox restore

In any cases, you should test your backup solution.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
Q1: NO, every Windows 2012 on each physical or virtual machines should be individually licensed.

Q2: it is technically possible. two approaches: 1. back up only host files including the VM files. 2. back up both host files and shared files of guest OS (VMs).
campinamAuthor Commented:
Q1: I got the Win 2012 from Microsoft, Download and Key.  Do I need to buy 2 more keys or two more downloads and keys?

Q2: point 2 will backup everything?  I do not need to set-up individual back-ups for the Guests?
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
good to know the new licensing model of Windows 2012 and thanks for sharing the information.
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