Sonicwall TZ 205, UniFi Enterprise WiFi System, and Windows Server 2008R2

Hi, I'm setting up a network and went with a Sonicwall TZ 205 as the router/firewall and main wireless in the companies office area, and 3 Unifi Enterprise WiFi WAPS for a the warehouse area where a few computers/devices to the network and be able to talk to the server.  All AP will have same ssid and password as well as channels spread out 1, 6, 11 and 1 again.

My concerns, I want all 3 access points as well as the sonicwall working as a access point for their wireless network and have network access and I'd assume the same IP scheme. As well as a guest network through the building which would be a seperate subnet obviously.

 Also, I see an option for a Guest network in the WAPS but not in the sonicwall, I may just be missing it.  

Questions: With the hardware I already have pick out, should I use DHCP from the Sonicwall or from the Windows server as the DHCP server?  

Should I have windows have 2-3 scopes for instance:\24 for physical network\24 for wireless network\24 for wirelesss guest network

Do you think this would work with using windows as dhcp server?  Assign static ports to the sonicwall lan and wireless port and give them both reserverations as well as the WAPs?

Anyone see an issue with how I plan on doing this?

I apologize for the terrible structure of my question.
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SouljaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the Windows box for DHCP, just make sure your sonicwall has dhcp relay feature. Pick a range of addresses that you will use as statics/management addresses and exclude them from your dhcp scope.
OHarrisNetworksAuthor Commented:
OK I am that far and my Sonicwall Wireless is giving out ips which I am fine with the issue I am running into is that subnet is my physical network so that subnet is assigned to port X0, port W0 (the wireless virtual port) is assigned but is in the dncp relay mode.  I'm getting an IP on the wireless network but then cant ping and no network access
OHarrisNetworksAuthor Commented:
Will there be an issue if I have the sonicwall waps advertising as SSID: Main Place Password:12345678 giving out 172.16.2.x/24 IPS and having the APs having the same credentials but giving out 192.168.2.x/24?
Is your Wlan zone allowed access  to theother zones?
Regarding the second  question, I assume you will be using a separate Ssid.
OHarrisNetworksAuthor Commented:
Wlan is allowed  access to network shares, etc the guest will be different ssid and pw
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