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Import a Certificate from Netscaler to IIS 8

I have a service hosted on our Citrix Netscaler which had an SSL certificate applied to it. This service is not longer host on the Netscaler but on a Windows 2012 server. How can I import the Certificate Key and CER file into IIS? I have tried to import the CER into the personal store and into IIS 8 but it keeps removing it? Do I have to recreate another CSR?
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Windows does not understand seperate CER and key files.

I usually use a software like OPENSSL to convert the certificate to pfx and then import it into the machine personal store not the user personal store.

openssl pkcs12 -export -out domain.name.pfx -inkey domain.name.key -in domain.name.crt

The key file is just a text file with your private key in it.

Best Regards
compdigit44Author Commented:

The openssl command you provide worked perfectly plus I learned a new trick!!!! ;-)
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