How to clean up unwanted stuff on XP PC?

Hi Experts. I have a full HDD on an XP mPC that I built in 2007.  ( that does not mean I am an expert) It isMy favorite. Runs well  QUESTION IS: I would like to know how get rid of programs without uninstalling them one by one? I want to keep much of what is on this PC but Some apps are so old.  How do I do this? I am on that PC now but there is only 2.5 GB of space left.  Legitimately.  Machine is slowing down. Am I going to be stuck deleting folders one at a Time? I use Glary Utilities but that knocks out some good things too.

Thanks in advance
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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Have you thought of moving your all data files to an external disk?
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Overall PC performance comes from 3 factors as you are probably aware...
- Drive speed

If you are maxing out hard drive space this will definetly slow down your machine as it can get fragmented, and results in slower disk performance. I would start by checking your CPU and RAM and see where it is at while you are running your core programs.

From there you will probably want to go through your Applicaitons and remove any that are in fact not used. Another thing you can do to speed up your machine is using "msconfig". From there you can remove startup items or disable services that are not needed any chew up resources.

My best recommendation for speeding up your machine is to get a SSD and install your OS on it and have a secondary drive fro your data (does not have to be SSD). This will definitely speed up your machines performance.

If you are getting low on RAM as well it might be worth it to upgrade that as well.

ccleaner will help to free up space.

Go to "C drive" - "Prefetch" and delete all the files in this folder.

Also use disc cleanup to  remove all but the most recent restore point and any unwanted programs.
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< how get rid of programs without uninstalling them one by one? >

Uninstall them one by one.  Little time consuming, perhaps, but achieves what you desire.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too. ;-)  Desires -- often -- are contradictory.

After a little effort and time, and cleaning with CCleaner, you, er, your PC, will be happier. :-)
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You can use XXClone or a similar program to clone the contents of your current hard drive to a larger hard drive.  That's what I did when I got tired of having to delete files to make space on a 40GB hard drive.  I put an 80GB hard drive as a second drive and XXCloned the first one to the second.  Then I plugged in the second as the boot drive and my space problem was gone.
>>  an XP mPC that I built in 2007  <<  this has been running for 7 years - time for a fresh install.
that is the only way to get it "as new".
here is how i would do that :
-copy your data to an external disk or DVD's to free up as much space as you can
-uninstall all software you don't need/want anymore
-make an image of the drive -  so you can turn back on your steps if anything goes wrong; i suggest the free  paragon B&R for this:      
-make an XP install CD from your installed system ( i assume it is SP3 now? - then make an SP3 install cd) - here's how :
-download all your drivers from the motherboard site - if you post the model, i can guide you to them

now install a fresh OS -  then install the drivers - then the software

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Donnie616Author Commented:
Thanks to all.  i am working on a couple of your ideas.
Here is the make and model of my MB "ASROCKK8UPGRADE-VM800/M/ASR:
AMD 754 (I am surprised it lasted this long with every day use hours at a time. Never cleaned the inside yet. (afraid to look) But it still moves along even with a nearly full hdd 120GB Maxtor 92% full
PNY Geforce VERTO 6200 Video card.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Get a 160GB or larger hard drive and use XXClone to transfer everything.  Then you will have a bootable drive with more space.  I've done that will 3 of my XP computers.  And the newest one was made in 2006 and I'm typing on it right now.  Though it would be good if you vacuumed the dust out of yours.
here all your drivers :

and after that time period - it is a must to open and clean the insides of this PC
be sure all fans and vents are clean - also PS fan  and insides !
Donnie616Author Commented:
I lost my internet connect in the whole house.3 Cables went bad. I am moving soon and will be able to access the PC easier and will be able to clean out and start fresh. I will close this tomorrow. Dumb question. how is it that 3 cables could gold go bad at same time. I just bought a new 6 foot cat6  2 weeks ago to replace the one from modem to router. It was no good.  New on was no good either   Answer to that question is to buy them at the dollar store....Then I forgot to buy good ones on Newegg.. That one cable was the main problem.  I have 4 PCs hooked to one router  and all is good.Nobus you may remember I have 3 24 port switch boxes thru this house and had 40 computers going at at one tome  I wouldn't even remember how to do that now.  I do know I need ethernet cables. mine are from mostly 2007 also. Strange that that PC that I have nevre opened ( I cant get to it to easily.) it runs cool according to several different heat testing tools,

Thanks to all for your help.
>>  how is it that 3 cables could gold go bad at same time  <<   a computer would say : not enough data

i would say: look for a common cause; or maybe the cables were bad from the start ( i ha a few like this)

>>  it runs cool according to several different heat testing tools  <<  then probably it is not overheating, but i would clean it anyway after such a time + do a close inspection, and remove /reseat all connections and cables, to prepare it for another 7 years
Donnie616Author Commented:
finally isolated problems with internet. been without for several days. It was short cable from modem to router and also short cable from router to a NEW 12 port switch.  Both from same guy online. Just got back on this am. Thanks.  Will use paragon or Xx clone whicher seems easier.  Both you guys have been there for me for many, many years. Nobus remembers, but not sure about you Dave, but you have taught me a lot as well.

Thanks again.
no problem Donnie, and tx for feedback
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Glad to help, Donnie.
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