Turn LG LCD TV to smart TV

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I own LG LCD TV and I would like it to turn to  Smart TV so I can use Internet on it like same we do on PC to watch videos mainly. I know there are few smartstick , kogan, but not sure which is best in streaming, buffering, displaying. Please suggest

MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAsked:
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Far and away, the best bang for the buck is the Chromecast

It will allow you to use apps (like netflix) and will also allow you to stream anything you have on your computer with a plug-in. It requires an HDMI port, which most modern TV's have.
Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
Another suggestion, albeit a bit more pricey, is to simply connect a desktop computer to the TV.  Start with a Windows 7 Professional machine (an older box running Vista would work, too), add 4GB of RAM, a 1TB disk drive, a Blu-ray drive, a video card with compatible output (HDMI, DVI, VGA -- whatever ports are open), and (if you are in an area which has good terrestrial signal) a dual ATSC tuner.  If you also have a surround-sound system nearby, then adding an audio card with digital 5.1 (or better) output.  For the user interface, add a wireless keyboard and mouse.

You now have a fully-enabled TV, with dual-channel DVR (Media Center) with days of TV recording time, full Internet capability via ANY web browser of your choosing, EMail, the power to schedule other jobs for your household (such as backing up other machines), and more.  Add a voice modem and software to add voicemail capability, an external 4TB drive for storing additional movies, music and pictures, and you have a fully-functional multi-media machine with Media Center, too.  Of course, if you have any i-thingies, you can install iTunes and use that, instead.

I did this in 2008 and I would never go back to a "normal" TV...
Incidentally, if you have a lot of i-thingies, I'd consider appleTV which is about 3 times as much as a chromecast, but still a third of a windows7 box.
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A TiVo roamio, besides having 6 digital video recorders, will add online streaming capability to any TV.
Besides AppleTV, there's also Roku and similar streamers...
and going the other way (sending your programs over the internet to wherever you're currently located) is SlingBox.
MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys for delay
For Chromcast, I think we need to connect via HDMI port, connect to WiFi, and push videos from laptop/phone? is that how it works?
But  if that is then  I am woried how its buffering would be? and it will busy the phone and may disconnect if we need to use phone..

I am just looking something where I can just watch videos like we does on laptop/mobile
mainly  Youtube.
chromecast requires HDMI. It works best with powered HDMI, but can also be used with USB power if needed. It also needs Wifi. It can receive videos from a laptop, but if you use a third-party service like netflix, it gets the stream directly. Buffering is totally dependent on bandwith. If you are using a phone line for internet service, you probably don't have bandwidth for video anyway.

if you can watch youtube on your laptop, you will be fine with chromecast.
I have a Panasonic twin HD DVR DMR-XW350 connected to my 68 CM digital TV.
Plug the TV into the panasonic avs. and hdmi into hdmi.
The Panasonic DVR has Viera Cast where in I can log into "MY" youtube and watch youtube.
Or just watch youtube the free to air.
All you need is the Panasonic DVR and an Ethernet cable to your router
Plug the cat5 cable from Ethernet port on the rear Panasonic to router
Turn everything on.
On the Panasonic DVR switch to Network select Youtube log in using your Google+ account, email@isp.com and pass word.
Choose your country
But test first, you may not need to log in if you dont want to see your own account, I think that has been disabled now.. but if you see the youtube videos listed with thumbnails on the left you're good to go

I also have netflix. Picasa and twitter none of which I want or use, just click on youtube and select featured or most watched
The workaround for the content limits on YouTube as some play some dont is to go to your youtube account on the computer and add the vids you want to see to your "favorites." Then sign in to your youtube account on Viera Cast if you can, and they will be available to watch.
This is how it looks on my TV  using the Panasonic DVR with an ethernet cat 5 cable
highlight a video click ok move your highlight to the screen for pause and full screen.
network serviceIf you use search just highlight a Letter and the thumbnail appears on the right for video under that letter
Choose featuredlist of videosexampleUse the Panasonic remote control return to go back to any settings.
Thecoloured buttons also have a navigation.
It's slow though
Many get frustrated with access and you just have to read the menu and learn the remote controls..
It functions similar to USB HDD Raspberry Pi with XBMC
There is probably other type of media hubs you can use as well. Even wireless.
links with more info like playing HD update the panasonic
panasonic viera cast cannot login to picasa or youtube

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