ipad with OS7 crashes after click allow

since the new OS as been loaded on ipad 2 when the question "This site is attempting to open a pop-up window block - allow" comes up if the user clicks Allow , the browser totally crashes. Is there any solution

the best would be if the question would not come at allow , since the pop up blocker of Safari is disabled.

The allow block question comes SOMETIMES when the scripts excutes
new W=window.open(U,wTitle,'')

I have not been able to identify what the difference as to why the question comes or not
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Lounge FoxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks mplungjan, I was hoping your solution might help or let him know it is an ongoing problem with iOS 7 and onchange.  If your solution works of course I defer points to you.
Lounge FoxCommented:
With the new system, there have been some glitches. I have the blocker enabled and have not had safari crashes, though it sometimes freezes.  I will disable the blocker and let you know what I find.
YvesSyAuthor Commented:
I realised that the allow block question is triggered when i use the onchange event in a select tag. If the event that triggers the window to open is onclick the browser does not ask to confirm and the browser does not freeze.

Any suggestion how to solve without having to replace the onchange in select tag?
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Lounge FoxCommented:
It seems there may be some trouble with onchange event, iOS 7 and the iPad.  I found a couple of references to it.  Here is one on this site: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Apple/Operating_Systems/Q_28247436.html

There may not be a solution until Apple has updated all the kinks out of iOS 7
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
My suggestion in the other question was to use setTimeout

<select onChange="setTimeout(function() { window.open(...) },100)">
Lounge FoxCommented:
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