cdsrv.exe message

I am getting this dialog box captured thru print screen command every time I boot up my pc.This started occurring after i did a boot time scan with avast antivirus.please advise how to get rid of this dialog box.
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sabsacConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I would think Mr S Sharma has given the right solution to my problem.
Bill BachPresidentCommented:
I would first run another scanner, such as Vipre Rescue, just to make sure that the system is clean.  After than, uninstall the Samsung software and re-install it.  If you are not sure exactly what this is from, then you can use the MSCONFIG utility to selectively disable applications until you figure out which one it is.
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
Either re-install the Samsung Easy Printer Manager or remove the application. Alertnatively you could stop the CDA Serve from the Startup.

For removing the application from startup I would recomment you to get a copy of Autoruns from Microsoft and search for the "exe"



Remove it once found, or else if you face any difficulty working with the autoruns then you could just save the autorun entries of you system and post it here. To save the autorun entries do the following:
Click --> File --> Save.
File Name "filename.arn" (filename could be any name)
Save as type AutoRuns Data (*.arn) --> This is important while saving.

You might want to zip the arn file before posting it here for further analysis.

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sabsacAuthor Commented:
I just reinstalled the print manager and the issue got resolved.I would like to know why the problem occurred in the first place. I have avast installed. So how did the files get infected and were apparently removed by the antivirus software. I will run the other anti virus software mentioned today.
Bill BachPresidentCommented:
Could be an issue with a "false positive", where a signature in the code matched something in the avast AV engine. If the problem recurs and you know that the Samsung files are "safe", then you'll need to submit the false positive to the support folks for avast, and they will need to figure out why it was flagged. This is a known risk with AV engines -- where a valid piece of code just happens to look like "bad" code. I have seen some flawed AV system updates render entire systems unusable in a similar manner before.
sabsacAuthor Commented:
He has given a simple and straight forward solution as well as suggested alternative removal method which direct dealt with the problem.
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