changing the primary name server ip address

I am are going to change my internet connection with a new company. They sent me the new configuration for the primary name server and the secondary name server.

I am concerned what would happen if I change these values on my server wit the new IPs addresses.

1. Where I need to go to change these value?

2. What I need to do on my workstations once  the changes have been done on my server?

3. Do I need make changes on the DNS?

Please give mea hand with these because they hope that I have everything done when they come.

Agnes SevillaAsked:
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Michael KnightCommented:
Is your network a Domain?
If so I'm assuming your Domain controller is handling DHCP?
Michael KnightCommented:
I'm going to assume the above are both true.

In you DNS settings on the Primary Domain Controller, change your DNS forwarders to the new DNS addresses provided by your ISP or depending on how reliable your ISP is, you can change to public DNS (i.e. google's DNS)

either way, the forwarders handle any request that your internal DNS doesn't handle...meaning your Domain Controller (or internal DNS) will handle COmputer1 = 192.168.1.x Computer2 = 192.168.1.y    but doesn't handle =

So simply your internal DNS server, when it gets a request for something outside your network, will query the forwarder you have set and then when it gets an answer will 'remember' it so any other requests from your internal network will have the answer.

Now the above also assumes that all of the other workstations on your network have your internal DNS server set as their DNS server. This is done automatically if your Domain Controller has the DHCP role. Meaning that a simple reboot will suffice once you change the forwarders.

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You can do that with DNS sever console start->administrative tools->dns
In DNS console right click server name-> properties->forwarders.
There you can change old DNS values with new one.
(Look at first picture in this post:

Anyway, forwarders are not strictly necessary. If you don't specify them, your DNS server will be using root hints.
Reboot is not required to make now forwarders active. You don't need to change anything on your workstations (I,m assuming you have specified your SBS server as DNS server in NIC configurations.)
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Michael KnightCommented:
you *may* have to release/renew on the workstations - in which case a reboot on them is easier.
There is no need to do anything on workstations. Workstations does not know and also does not care if DNS servers are using forwarders or not or if they have been changed. Trust me :)
Agnes SevillaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all your answers.

My network is a domain and has a DHCP who give the IPs to all my clients.

If I go to the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties my server IP is and has the same value on the Preferred DNS Server and nothing on Alternate DNS Server. So this means that I have just an Internal DNS.

My workstations are using on their Preferred DNS Sever and nothing on Alternate DNS Server.

I am sending an Screen shot of my server properties(Forwarders) with my current values.

the only thing that I need to do is change the current values for the new ones?, in this case (Primary Name server) and Name Server)

So I do not need to anything in my workstations?  Or I need restart each one anyway?

The only change needed is on the forwarder right?

Sorry but I need to be sure that I understood everything.

Thank you so much for your help.
Michael KnightCommented:
you are correct, for some reason I read that he was also changing the IP of the DNS server itself. Yes as long as the DC's address doesn't change you don't need to do anything to the workstations.
Michael KnightCommented:
yes changing your forwarders is all that is needed.
Agnes SevillaAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much!! but let me ask you the last one:

My Default Gateway right now is all my internal or privates IPs use 10.28.200.x, 10.28.200.y, 10.28.200,z etc.

Once I connect to the new router my default gateway will change right?  

This change has nothing to do with the IPs range that I have on my DHCP?

I can have a new default gateway and maintain range of IPs on my DHCP?

Please see the attached document. It is the IP of my server and my DHCP settings.

Your help has been invaluable.
So you are also changing your ISP (internet) provider?

If also the router will be changed, then you need to configure the new router with the same internal IP address as the old one has =

Did you have fixed IP address on the old ISP provider?
Do you publish some services to the internet? (exchange server, remote access?)
What type of internet connection you have now and you will have with new provider? (ADSL/XDSL, ethernet, fiber optics)
Are you sure that the old router belongs to your old internet provider?
Agnes SevillaAuthor Commented:
Yes, I am changing my ISP(internet) provider. The change is not done yet.

I do not publish services to the internet.

The connection type will be Fiber Optics.

Yes, the current router belongs to my current internet provider.
OK. Then you have just to configure local IP address of the new router to be the same as the IP address of the old router.
The router IP address must be in the subnet range of your network, otherwise your server and computers will not be able to communicate with it and go to the internet.
Agnes SevillaAuthor Commented:
I wanted to give 500 pts to each one. Your are excellent, Thank you very much again for your support!!!!
You are welcome.
Michael KnightCommented:
you bet.
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