Enable Mailbox Archive for all users from EMC

I believe in Exchange 2010 , we can select all or some recipient mailboxes and in the properties we can enable archive.
When this is done, would this automatically create a second archive mailbox for them in the Outlook? if so what name would this Archive mailbox will have?

Thank you
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monorail1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The online archive is an Enterprise feature of Exchange 2010 which not only requires Exchange to be enterprise but the Outlook client to be Outlook 2010 Professional Plus (Or 2013 ProPlus).  Excluding any licensing considerations and presuming you have everything sorted you would simply select your target users in the EMC, right-click and enable archive.  AN online archive mailbox would be created for them and it should automatically show up in Outlook with a display name of "Archive - %usermailboxdisplayname%".  So, if your display name at the top of the folders view in Outlook is "Smith, John" the archive would be called "Archive - Smith, John".

You should also be able to select a number of users at once and right-click > enable archive.  This can also obvious be done via EMS as well.

jskfanAuthor Commented:
Excellent !!

Thank you
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