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Hi all,

I have this server and the drive died,  I replaced the drive but somehow Windows has not released the D drive.  I now have all the data back and just would like to edit the drive path for the shares.  

WHere in the registry can I get this taken care of to go from the D drive to the new E: Drive?

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zalazarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the registry it's below this location
Below this key there should be a REG_MULTI_SZ entry with called "4 Pump Court" (the same name as the share name).
Via the registry editor (regedit) you can modify the value and within the value data you can modify the "Path=" and set it to the correct location.
After editing the value the new share path is not yet active.
You can activate it by restarting the server or by restarting a Windows service called "Server". Please note that by restarting this "Server" service all clients which are connected to the server will lose their connection
Craig BeckCommented:
Have you tried to change the drive letter in Disk Management?
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