how to send a value from a form to a reprt in access 2013


i have a veriable in a form that contain some sql string and i want to send this value to a report recordsorce and then open this report based on this sql source

i wrote this code in the report

Public Sub ControlReport(a As String)
If Not IsNull(a) And Not a <> "" Then
    Me.RecordSource = a
End If
End Sub

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and in the form i have this code
DoCmd.OpenReport "ListProductrsReport", acViewPreview
reports!ListProductrsReport!ontrolReport (sqlString)

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but i don't can to compile the code on the form, what is the problem with my code?

thanks a lot
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QPRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is there a 'c' in ControlReport missing from this line?

reports!ListProductrsReport!ontrolReport (sqlString)

bill201Author Commented:
Yes you are right! Embarrassing :)
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