Merge/Copy mailbox from Recovery Storage Group only partially completes

Using the Exchange 2007 Toolbox utility, we are trying to merge/copy mailboxes from a successfully restored Recovery Storage Group.  We successfully ran a merge on test users, so we then performed a batch merge on 5 users at once.  3 users completed successfully.  2 users, which have very large mailboxes, got about 6 GB of data restored.  Then the job quit, but it didn't even mention the 2 large mailboxes.  No error.  Nothing.  The report just says 3 users completed successfully.  

We are running the merge again, over one of the large mailboxes, hoping that the restore will pick up where it left off.  20 minutes into the job, the item count has not increased yet.  Can anyone offer advice here?  Is there a max restore cap per mailbox?  

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Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
If it didnt report failure maybe it was in Process.. was the count increasing if you killed ?
What is the Quota set on the Mailbox Database or user if any ?

- Rancy
cuiincAuthor Commented:
The merge-job wasn't in process because (a) it showed a Job Complete screen, as opposed to a status bar, and (b) I had been continually monitoring the mailbox sizes through Exchange Mgmt Console, watching them slowly increase as the merge-job progressed.  This abruptly stopped when the job stopped, as expected.

There aren't any quotas set on the Mailbox Database or users.  

We are really stumped on this one.  We actually ran a merge-job AGAIN, overtop a mailbox that had only partially restored.  Again, after several hours, the job completed.  It had added more data, but still not all of it.  

cuiincAuthor Commented:
Since no one has any comments on this, I suppose I'll close the question.  

We were slowly able to restore/merge most of the data to mailboxes from our RSG, but only after running the merge 2-3 times per mailbox.

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cuiincAuthor Commented:
no solution provided
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