How to get sliders/banners to display on translated web pages using wordpress?

I am running wordpress for my website.
the english version works.
i downloaded and installed wpml for language translation.
i fifinshed updating the languages from english to spanish.
the problem now is that the banner does not load up on each page.
below is my website:

when i click for the spanish option, the banners do not display on my ages.
there is no thorough documentation that explains on how to do this. anyone have any ideas?
j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAsked:
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j_ramesesConnect With a Mentor Info Sys MngrAuthor Commented:
i figured out what i have to do on my home page to get the correct language to flow from correctly in it's own translation language.
i had to duplicate/clone the page and then change it to Spanish in it's setting, then i could translate it.
I had to recopy and past all verbiage.
I will check to see regarding the other pages and their banners
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
When you switch to Spanish, the permalinks change to add /es/ to the end.  Depending on how the slide is setup, that could break a relative path to an included file and then break the slider too.
j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAuthor Commented:
i was thinking of creating a new slide
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j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAuthor Commented:
how can i fix this?
i was planning to do a french version as well.
do not want to start that unless it works correctly.

also on home page, i created english sliders then translated to spanish.
so i can 18 sliders. the moment i attached the image to one of the spanish sliders it adds it to the home page. so ihave 9 english and 1 spanish.
how do i correct this so only the spanish sliders go to spanishhomepage and the english sliders  go only to the english homepage
Ray PaseurCommented:
It may not be applicable to WordPress, but the general design pattern of multilingual web sites is shown in this article.
j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAuthor Commented:
how can I have two different slider/banners on my homepage.
Each slide has different verbiage.
I would like the Spanish verbiage to go to the Spanish page and english to english.
j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAuthor Commented:
i found out from a friend who uses the same web development kit
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