Citrix 6.5 multiple access

I need to know how to configure Citrix 6.5 to allow a client to connect to the same application from multiple workstations.

Also I though licensing between Citrix and Microsoft was a one to one connection.  I found the Microsoft licensing server. We are licensed per user, I ran the report. I do not see the amount of users licensed as I expected.
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Tony JConnect With a Mentor Lead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Well there is a one-to-one licensing map.

However there are a couple of things to bear in mind. The first is your type of license - if it is per device then it does exactly what it says on the thin. The end client device gets the license. These are typically used where workstations are shared - shift workers, hotdesks etc.

Imagine you have 3, 8-hour shifts of ten people and ten workstations. It makes sense to use per device licensing as you only require 10 RDS CALS whereas if it were per user licensing you require 30.

Also, Citrix uses a technique called session sharing whereby if you are using published applications, when a user logs onto a server with their first required application, they consume a Citrix license and and RDS license.

But if htye log onto subsequent applications that are available on the same server, they re-connect using the same session and do not consume an additional license of either type.

Finally, if the solution is less than 120 days old it may well be that users are still consuming grace period licenses.

You really need access to the Citrix license console so you can compare the usages side-by-side.
JMcHaleAuthor Commented:
I found the issue with the multiple logins.  The RDP Host configuration on each server was set to only allow one login. I changed that option to no and that now works.

I still need information on the relationship between terminal server licensing and citrix licensing.  I verified we are only using 36 out of 80 terminal server licenses.  That number should be higher.  I cannot access the citrix license server to see what that shows.
JMcHaleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input.  I found the Citrix license server. It is a virtual appliance running Linux.  I have yet to find the license console. What happens if two consoles are loaded for the same installation
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
You're welcome.

Sorry but I'm not sure what you mean by "What happens if two consoles are loaded for the same installation" - could you elaborate please?
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