Count active thin clients on a domain

I need to find the total number of thin clients on a domain. The thin clients are set up to RDP into the RDS server, however we have quite a few desktops that RDP into the RDS servers as well.

Is there an easy way to track down all the thin clients on the network?

My guess is I would have to make a login script on the RDS servers that appends the machine name to a file.

Any other ideas?
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Ian MeredithConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I run Spiceworks at our organisation and it has proven irreplaceable as a IT management tool
Ian MeredithCommented:
A network monitoring and management system (like Spiceworks - which is free) will provide you with a wealth of information on your network - including the information you seek.
AllanoreAuthor Commented:
Spiceworks will be able to count our thin clients even if they arent on the domain?
Ian MeredithCommented:
Yes it can do that - usually a common admin username and password are required.
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