Simple Photoshop alternative

Please advise simple Photoshop alternative ? Something good & low cost for basic functions like adjust brightness/contrast, resize image/canvas, copy & move, etc...
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Something good & low cost for basic functions like adjust brightness/contrast, resize image/canvas, copy & move, etc..
If you have installed a Nikon camera it bundles with some very nice image software most cameras do, so look in to your camera software
Your DVD burner software
you can use Microsoft office picture manager.
MS picture managerWith a little know how you can use most of your inbuilt tools.
I have lots over my professional tools especially the free Paint dot net very good for those extra bits of enhancements guide
Super effects menue from Paint dot net it's a biggie @ around 34 megs but you can download a ton of effects
If that's too big here's the link to the effects plugins
and how to install them

Even Microsoft power point can be used to make effects and round the image.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Dan CraciunConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
Also, as a free alternative if you're only interested in basic functions, try IrfanView:

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I also recommend Irfanview.  I use it a lot.
Use a good alternative
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Gimp for power but it's not very user friendly.

Or Picasa for ease of use:

And another vote for IrfanView.


Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
There's a very good comparison of the best free photo editors here:
KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Free and most user friendly, I'd say Paint.NET
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
I don't use this, but it is recommended by Gizmos Freeware Reviews, a site I trust and use quite often for free software evaluations.

Photo! Editor is a basic photo correction utility with a few professional quality tools. It has all of the basic enhancement tools to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and color cast, and some retouching or "make-up" tools that work similar to the coveted healing brush in Photoshop.

Be sure to pay attention to the little down arrows next to the tool bar icons. Those will help you access the more powerful manual options

EDIT: Best Free Digital Image Editor
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
IrfanView is not strictly "a free alternative". It's only free for non-commercial home use. Otherwise it's a very reasonable $12 per licence.
I would recommend that you give XnView a try:
thuhueAuthor Commented:
Can Irfanview move fragment of a picture and paste it onto another picture like Photoshop?
Dave BaldwinConnect With a Mentor Fixer of ProblemsCommented:
Yes, Irfanview can copy from one picture and paste into another one.  But it takes more work in Irfanview than it does in Photoshop and you can't move the pasted part around like you can in Photoshop.  Irfanview really only has one layer.  There is an 'edit' layer where the pasted image floats until you anchor it but nothing more than that.
Paul SauvéConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
For free alternatives to Photoshop with similar functionality the answers are above either the GIMP or Paint.NET. Both have a multi-layer feature, but Paint.NET  has fewer options. I use both.

I hadn't mentioned them in my previous answer since two others had already... But, for my uses: Gimp for heavy lifting and Paint.NET for 'quick & dirty'. ;-)
Thankyou thuhue
One of the links I posted seems to be broken here it is all good.
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