How to protect a business against mobile threats, malware, and data breaches?

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The three big cyber security threats that I am concerned with at my company are mobile threats, malware, and data breaches.  I'm trying to do some research and gather ideas.  If you were in my shoes, what controls would you implement to protect yourself and your company against falling victim to those three threats?
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Use UTM device Such As and install with all security features enabled including IDS.It is paid version.See top ten UTMs

Otherwise you can use PFsense with snort
This is a big conceirn that many companies have.
I have a customer with similar issues, and they really don't want any data to get out.

Precautions that I took:

Users are not able to use USB flashdrives (disabled via GPO)
No direct internet connection on their desktop (but via IE10 in a Terminal App)
Users cannot mail to the internet except through a department inbox (controlled by manager)

Of course these precautions look to be from the middle age, but no virus outbreaks or dataleaks ever since. And users just adapt to the situation. And for all users that BYOD we have a "dirty" WLAN directly to internet for all personal matters.

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