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scan to pdf with Fujitsu 5110C scanner

I have a Fujitsu 5110C scanner. I want to print documents to pdf. According to the Fujitsu  manual which I checked the program that can be  used is named "ScandAll", but I am not able to find this program for download from their site. There are only updates, and no link to the program.
Could you tell me where I can download this program.
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Joe Winograd - EE Fellow & MVEDeveloperCommented:
If ScandAll doesn't work for you, there are many free PDF print drivers out there. Six good ones are Bullzip, CutePDF Writer, doPDF, Nitro PDF Creator (part of the Nitro Reader install), PDFCreator, and PrimoPDF:


They have varying features and some folks prefer one over the other, so you may want to experiment to see which one you like the best. At one time CutePDF was my favorite, then it was doPDF, and my current choice is Bullzip. So I suggest trying Bullzip first to see if it works well for you; if not, try doPDF next; then the others until you find one that you like. All of them install a "printer" so that you can "print" to it from any Windows program. When you "print" to it, the print driver will create a PDF file. Regards, Joe
The title says Scan to PDF but the description says Print to PDF.
   If the desire is to print to a PDF, I'd just use one of the freeware solutions that joewinograd mentioned.  
   If the desire is to Scan to PDF from the multi-function device, then I would config the MFD to scan the document and FTP it to the destination of your choosing as a PDF.  Just use the freeware FileZilla server if you do not already have an FTP server at the desired destination.
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Joe Winograd - EE Fellow & MVEDeveloperCommented:
That's a great catch by eerwalters. I saw the "print documents to pdf" comment in the body and completely missed the "scan to pdf" in the title. I already gave my opinion on printing to PDF, but if scanning to PDF is the issue, there are numerous ways to do it, including the suggestion by eerwalters to utilize FTP. But there are many software packages that will utilize the ISIS and/or TWAIN drivers of the fi-5110C to perform scanning, including, of course, ScandAll (and ScandAll PRO). For starters, I suggest downloading the latest ISIS and TWAIN drivers from the Fujitsu website:

The link to ScandAll in a previous post is to an old version that doesn't have support beyond XP, while all of the downloads at the site for recent versions of ScandAll PRO are updates, not full versions, as you have discovered. To resolve the ScandAll dilemma, I suggest calling Fujitsu tech support at 800-626-4686. If you'd like to try another piece of software to scan, IrfanView is excellent (free!) imaging software that I've been using for many years:

Click the Download link on the left to download IrfanView and click the PlugIns link on the left to download the PlugIns, which are needed to give you PDF capability. Install IrfanView first, then install the PlugIns.

When you run IrfanView, click the File menu and pick [Select Scan/TWAIN Source...], where you'll see the TWAIN driver for your fi-5110c. After selecting the TWAIN driver, click the File menu and pick [Acquire/Batch scanning...], making sure that the [Save as...] file type is PDF. Regards, Joe
dedriAuthor Commented:
sorry for inconvenience, I want scan to PDF.
Joe Winograd - EE Fellow & MVEDeveloperCommented:
OK, thanks for clearing that up. Fujitsu bundled Adobe Acrobat Standard and ScandAll Pro with the fi-5110C, both of which can do scanning. However, neither product is available for download at their website, AFAIK (as you found out, the only downloadable ScandAll Pro software packages are updates to the base package). So I'll go back to my earlier suggestion – contact Fujitsu technical support at 800-626-4686 (if you prefer, they offer an online chat). You are entitled to the software that came bundled with the scanner and I think that Fujitsu will be cooperative – I'll be very surprised if they're not. I think they'll be happy to provide you with a full copy of their own software, ScandAll Pro (they may or may not be able to provide you with a copy of Acrobat Standard, depending on their contractual arrangement with Adobe). And, as I said earlier, any scanning software that supports ISIS or TWAIN drivers will work with your fi-5110C. You could try IrfanView right now, as I described above – if you have the TWAIN driver installed, it will scan fine. Regards, Joe
dedriAuthor Commented:
10x, joewinograd,
I install IrfanView with plugins. I am able to scan one sheet as pdf, but not possible if I want to scan and save 5 sheets on one file. Any idea how to do it?
Joe Winograd - EE Fellow & MVEDeveloperCommented:
Unfortunately, IrfanView cannot scan directly to a multi-page PDF. It can scan to a multi-page TIF and then you can convert it to a multi-page PDF, but that's a pain. For multi-page PDF, I suggest a different product, the excellent (and also free!) Foxit Reader:

Simply click the "From Scanner" button on the ribbon:
Foxit - From ScannerYou may do a Custom Scan or Configure Presets. I like to configure presets and hide the scanner's (TWAIN) interface:
Foxit - configure scanner presetThat way, it is simply two mouse clicks to scan directly to a multi-page PDF! In other words, after adding a preset, the "From Scanner" drop-down will look like this:
Foxit - Black and White presetSince the scanner interface will be hidden, there will be no prompts or any other user intervention required...just click the "From Scanner" drop-down and whichever preset you want for that scan. Foxit will immediately show the scanned PDF, with page thumbnails (of the multi-page PDF) on the left. It is a very nice user interface. You may, of course, save the scanned PDF to any file name/path that you want. Regards, Joe
dedriAuthor Commented:
10x joewinograd, you are awesome. Foxit Reader did the job
Joe Winograd - EE Fellow & MVEDeveloperCommented:
I'm glad to hear that Foxit Reader worked for you. It can also put annotations on PDFs, which I find very useful. And the price is right. :)   Regards, Joe
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