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I'm a bit struck in what to do next. Our internet went off yesterday I rang the isp they said everything was fine they end. So I thought the problem was our network, after 2 hours of messing around I rang the ISP again. They said our subnet **.**.**.**/28,

during a change request for one of our customers , he has mistakenly advertised it to our core this afternoon causing  you loosing you connection.

We apologize of any inconvenient caused.

5 mins lately it was working, Has anyone been in the same situation ?
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dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
jwc1972Author Commented:
I have made a complaint to the ISP company
Craig BeckCommented:
Yes I have.  Depending on the type of service you have purchased there may be a compensation procedure if the ISP offers a SLA.
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While I doubt you will get compensated for 2 hours' downtime, it is good that you put in a complaint. ISPs make all sorts of errors, ranging from mistakenly giving an IP address to another customer to screwing up their DNS infrastructure. Try dropping a nasty letter via certified mail to drive your point home.
Has anyone been in the same situation ?

Are just you looking for others with the same problem or do you need advice on anything?

If you are looking to complain or establish what happened, ISPs are known for making many mistakes and having issues like most other businesses.

If you have a business contract with SLA & uptime clauses then you may have cause for compensation and complaint as you are paying for a contractually agreed service uptime.

if you have a standard internet contract, generally aimed and consumers or non-critical businesses, they do not have any contractual obligation to compensate for service outages as you haven't paid for it.

Complain and make a fuss, you may get a discount or a free month or two.
jwc1972Author Commented:

I made a complaint I got 20% of next month internet line. I have never made a complaint before. They said it was user error
Craig BeckCommented:
User error... if 'they' changed their routes?? :-/

Glad you got compensated :-)

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jwc1972Author Commented:
Thanks for the advice
jwc1972Author Commented:
Thank for the advice
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