HP-UX Import VG Issue


I have a VG stored on a EVA6000 virtual volume which I need to access again, I have presented to a new HP-UX 11.23 system and it can see it but I can't import it,

If I do a ioscan I can see the LUN's and 8 paths but get an error about "Warning: couldn't query physical volume The specified path does not correspond to physical volume attached to this volume group"

Any thoughts? I am stuck
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joolzhainesAuthor Commented:
Please try `vgscan -pv` and `vgimport -vps <vg_name>` and post the output

Both commands should scan the disks for LVM structures and show what actions would be taken to update /etc/lvmtab (if the "-p" option was omitted).

Once the lvmtab entries have been reconstructed, you can activate the vg with `vgchange`
If you still have the VG active in the original system you should get a mapfile from vgexport command and use it on the new system for the import.

The VG cannot be active on both systems.

If the VG is not active on the old system but you still have access or a backup you can get a mapfile from the path /etc/lvmconf.

If you can't get the mapfile you can import specifying all the LUNs that used to belong to the VG "vgimport vgname pv1_name pv2_name ...." That will create all logical volumes as "lvolnn".

If you were able to import the vg but get error activating you may wan't to try activating with "-q no" option for no quorum "vgchange -a y -q n vgname".

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