Configure UC Desktop Software with NEC SV8100

Hope someone out there can assist as I am competely out of my depth on this one.

I have a client that has purchased an NEC SV8100 phone system from another company. As part of the deal they were supposed to set her up with a softphone that would run on her laptop from a remote office and possibly on her android phone.

Unfortunately the installers that fitted the system don't seem to have a clue on the IT/Networking side of things. The client and the installer has asked for my assistance. I consider myself pretty capable when it comes to networking and VOIP but am reluctant to play with the PBX system too much as it is 'not my responsibility' and don't want to be responsible if anything goes wrong.

So the situation is this. The Windows 8 laptop is currently connected to the same local network as the phone system. It is able to ping the system and can access the web interface. I have downloaded and installed the UC Desktop software.

On configuration I followed the instructions given to me by the installer which consisted of inserting the Phone System IP and the extension number into the wizard.

However on completion the software launches and attempts to connect. I then get a cti communications failure. It appears the UC Desktop software on the laptop cannot see the PBX server.
"Can not establish a connection to the CTI server. Please check network connection and IP settings."

Is there anyway of enabling logging on the desktop client or any other ideas on why this isn't working and how to get it working?

Raoul EdmondsAsked:
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Probably not configured properly on the PBX side.

Check out page 1291 on the PDF:

On page 1292, you'll see the ports it uses for CTI communication. Try to check out those ports to see if they respond. If they dont then they probably need to configure their system properly.

Also, check licensing just in case too.
Raoul EdmondsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.

I could not access the file that you posted as the connection was timing out. However I had  a copy of the same doc v9.

However I went to both the Manual page and PDF page 1292 and several either side and could find no reference to port requirements.

I did run a port scan of the phone system and found the following 27 open ports.
21, 80, 1720, 1730, 4649, 5029, 5060, 5070, 5080, 5555, 5556, 5557, 5558, 5559, 5560, 5561, 5562, 5563, 5564, 5963, 6080, 8000, 8010, 20300, 57000, 58002, 60030.

I was getting the feeling that the CTI Server is a completely seperate device.

Pg. 1265 is what I show on the manual itself. The PDF page is 1292.

Its the SV8100 Suite Flowchart. Walks you through all the requirements for the desktop suite. It shows CTI to be on port 8181, which isnt on your list.

On your Manual, do you have a features listings for SV8100 Desktop Applications? That's where I found the flowchart on the link above. Which BTW, works for me...
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Raoul EdmondsAuthor Commented:
Thanks I don't think I found the same Flow Chart you mentioned. However I did find a required port list on Manual Page 1370. It shows port 8181 as '3rd party call control'.

I did login to the system and went to Feature Activation page. I have attached a screenshot of the terminal/softphone licences. In short it shows that the system is licenced for IP Terminal Basic x1, but no softphone. I was in contact with the installer who said that this is all that is required to run the SP310 Softphone. Which is apparently the files that he has provided and I have installed (although I have not yet found a reference to SP310 in the application).

Now I am clutching at straws but I am going to throw a few things out there that may be relevant.

In the Manual,
Page 1371. a Table says 'Windows Service Exceptions". One of the services listed is RPCTIService.exe. -  Is this a local CTI server that is supposed to be on the client PC? This service is not present on the laptop.

Page 2-371 "With Version 3000 or higher system software, the Registration Override feature is enhanced to allow IP Multiline Stations (SIP) using 1st Party CTI application or Multiline Stations (SIP) in a system using 3rd Party CTI applications (Desktop Shared Services or UCB) to be overridden giving users access to their IP telephone from any location." - My reading of this is there is a 3rd party CTI application that is required. Again is this on the local machine (laptop) or is it running elsewhere?

System Config - Licencing.
I did find that both 1st Party CTI (Ethernet) and 3rd Part CTI (Clients) are not licenced.


Raoul EdmondsAuthor Commented:
Sorry forgot the screenshots.

Here is Softphone licences and CTI Licence sections.
Raoul EdmondsAuthor Commented:
A little bit more info.

I installed the client on a windows 7 machine. I used the same details. I connected to the network via a VPN.

On running the softphone I got an error
"CTI Communications Error.
The specified Extension number already in use."

So this seems to be something specific to Windows 8. I did previously do a reinstall of the NEC softphone. I also disabled the Norton AV and Norton Firewall. I confirmed that Windows Firewall was not in use or was managed by Norton.

Is windows 8 compatible??


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Raoul EdmondsAuthor Commented:
It would appear that the issue was a mis configuration on the PBX voip server. The original installer company made some changes and resolved the issue.

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