Terminal Server 2003 - Rremote Desktop Protocol question


I my Windows 2003 SP1 Server :-

If I type mstsc, I see the RDP client is 6.0
If I go into Terminal Services Configuration, I see Microsoft RDP 5.2 under connections type

Why is there a difference?  I've searched around the net but yet to find an answer
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ChrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You've basically summed this up yourself. mstsc stands for Microsoft Terminal Services Client.

As you mentioned, this regularly gets updated as part of standard windows updates in order to support the later protocols on newer servers.

The server side software is only updated on full server OS releases. If MS were to give these updates freely there would be little reason to bother upgrading your server OS.

It is, however, in Microsoft's interest have these features supported by as many clients as possible - there would be less incentive to upgrade your server if it's only going to be supported by a select group of your clients.
nico-Author Commented:
I'm thinking this ..

That the 5.2 is the inbuilt receiving connection where the "client" is the RDP client that can be used to connect to other "up level" servers  

Microsoft provides the client required for connecting to newer RDP versions for downlevel operating systems. Since the server improvements are not available downlevel, the features introduced with each newer RDP version only work on downlevel operating systems when connecting to a higher version RDP server from these older operating systems, and not when using the RDP server in the older operating system.
nico-Author Commented:
Thanks :)
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