Limited connectivity. Windows Server 2012 on HP Envy Phoenix desktop


I tried to install windows server 2012 on a desktop for training purpose.

I made it a DC and gave the following IP address

But when we connect to the switch, I could not ping to other laptops and the laptops cannot ping to the server. I have turned off all firewall.

The network gave limited connectivity. I have uninstalled the driver and reinstall, tried windows update to find the latest driver.

I need the AD server to be able to connect and ping to other laptops. Anyone can give me some important information to make it connect.

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Jaroslav LatalConnect With a Mentor MSPCommented:
How is it physically connected?
There are 2 NICs? One connected directly to internet and second to switch?
It is recomended to use router as a default gateway.

Jaroslav LatalMSPCommented:
Hello, what default gateway do you use?

alfred_52Author Commented:
Hi I do not use any default gateway. I leave it as blank. I do not have any router or anything
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