Using * in date combo box in Access

I have a Sub Form that retrieves from a combo box using a date.  I would like to have the option to use "*" as I would for a combo box with a string value.  Does such an option exist for dates?
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Can you post the code or query you are currently using to limit the subform data?

My usual approach is to provide two boxes for a date range, and instead of using a *, let the user enter blanks in either the From date or To date box.  The query criteria then looks like this:

WHERE [MyDateField] BETWEEN NZ(Forms!MyFormName!txtDateFrom, [MyDateField]) AND NZ(Forms!MyFormName!txtDateTo, [MyDateField])

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This approach assumes that if the user enters blanks in the boxes, then return all dates.

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marku24Author Commented:
Using two date fields worked great.  I should of thought of that.  Thanks
Dale FyeCommented:
You could add an "All dates" option to the combo using a union query.  I have another table in most of my databases (tbl_Numbers) which contains one field (intNumbers) and 10 records (the numbers 0 - 9).  Then I create a query that looks something like:

Select DateField
From (
Select intNumber, "All dates" as DateField
From tbl_Numbers Where intNumber =0
Union all
Select DISTINCT int(yourDateField), YourDateField
From yourTable)
order By  intNumber

Then, in your query, you would use something like:

Where [YourDateField] = iif(Forms!YourFormName!cbo_Dates = "All dates", [YourDateField], cdate(Forms!YourFormName!cbo_Date)

Typed on my iPad, so untested and may contain autocorrect errors.
Dale FyeCommented:
That's the problem of working on an iPad, too slow!
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