account keeps locking out

recently my company just completed a domain migration and now we have a old domain admin account locking out every 5 min. Ive shut down all my network monitoring and starting to shut down all services on one of the servers to verify what service is attempting to use the admin account.

my question: is there any utility or tool that i can use to identify any this issue any easier?
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MattLightConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
narrowing it down to a symantec backup client issue. will update soon.
MattLightAuthor Commented:
checked IIS, cached creds, any remote connections, ect. i know ms has a tool for the dc to find which server the lockout is coming from but still searching on which service its coming from. maybe a program that will run on the server to check?
Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
The error security event log should be able to tell you where the source. Just look at the source to see if any services is using that account to run.

Also, it might have been that someone use the account to TS into a server and forgot to log out of the server.

Download Account Lockout Status from the link below and run it against the account in question it will give you the all the location where the account is currently logged on

MattLightAuthor Commented:
Backup Exec stores log files for previous interval backups in the client root directory with login creds from previous domain.
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