tortoise svn checkout

i have Tortoise SVN version  64 bit...
i mistakenly checked out a folder - myfolderonsvn into my machine - c:\myfolder\ .. Now does that lock that folder myfolderonsvn  on the SVN Server?
Will original developer of that folder-myfolderonsvn  would not be able to checkout or make any changes until i check back in???

is it OK if i just delete the checked-out folder - c:\myfolder\  on my machine?

pl guide me what to do...
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rushtoshankarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you just did "Checkout" you can delete the folder in your local machine. It will never have any effect in the server.

Checkout doesn't apply any lock in the server. The lock is applied only when you use Get Lock function from Tortoise SVN.
at999Author Commented:
thanks a lot that worked
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